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Health and Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Super Mom


I learned about homeopathy, natural herbs and essential oils during pregnancy and am today the happy mom of 3 amazing daughters. A natural approach to parenting was always important to me. I studied Rudolf Steiner and Montessori, took communication classes and much more. Making sure the little bodies are developing correctly I learned baby massage and followed a program developed in Prag which led me to become a yoga teacher for kids.
Giving parents control over their families health by educating them about healthier choices is a passion of mine. Making sure our kids future looks bright! 

When I’m not sitting at my desk or doing yoga you will see me chasing after my little zoo or preparing some yummie foods from all over the world. I also like to play with dirt - making bowls, dishes, plates etc. 

I’ve been a mom since almost 30 years. 

Growing up I always dreamed of having kids.
So when I had my first miscarriage I was heart broken. 

fur babies
being a mom

These are a few of my favorite things

Let’s make our future better together 

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