We evaluate your physical and mental state and use a natural approach to improve your health and wellbeing to lift up your quality of life. 

I teach you how to improve your physical and mental health with an all natural approach. 

My passion for the use of herbs, homeopathy and essential oils was just the beginning of a journey that helped me with improving and being in control of my family’s health. I love sharing that knowledge with my clients. 
Offering Bach Flowers to enhance mental health is a special bonus. 
Helping my clients to improve their health one step at a time is my superpower. 
You’ll love how your life will change and become easy as 1-2-3. I’m excited for you, to experience the shift of energy in your life. 

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i AM very passionate about a balanced approach in parenting. 

I’ve been a mom for almost 30 years

 Finding out how food, plants, exercise etc. can influence our well-being is a passion of mine. When I became a mom I used my knowledge to protect my kid’s health. I learned about natural ways in pregnancy, childbirth and raising them as safely as possible. 

I’ve always been interested in the power of nature.

Hey, I’m Angela 

Would you like to lose weight?

What did you try before and why didn’t it work? How much do you want to lose and in what time frame? Why do you want to lose weight? Let’s see if we can work together and help you to lose that weight for the last time.

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Improve your Immune System

This session is great to learn how to help your immune system to do its job. Understanding what you can do to be and stay healthy to live the life you want to live.  

Do you remember the 7 dwarfs?

Fear, uncertainty, no interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over sensitiveness, despair and over care for others - which one is holding you back to life the life you’re supposed to live?

 I immediately felt a change in my emotional world

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Birgit Strecker-Gerdes


During the year 2022 I was faced with a lot of challenges. It seemed that everything around me threw one challenge after the other at me. When finally my body started showing signs of alarm Angela introduced me to the Bach Flower Remedies.  At this point I was open to try everything to feel better. I always believed in the power of flowers. When I started using the Bach Flowers, I immediately felt a change in my emotional world. Learning more about them and how they can make me feel better I’m more than grateful to have them in my life. With the Bach Flowers I feel more confident and have the balance and strength to overcome live’s ups and downs a lot easier than I did before.

Victoria D.

I am the mother of a thirteen year old son. This is the age where they want to take care of everything themselves. I asked him if he would like his very own skin care system and he said, "Yes! "
I handed him his skin cleanser and he loved the light scent. It foamed up and rinsed off easily. He really liked it and it took one use to see a noticeable balance in his skin. Once in a while he’ll use the spot treatment. I'm happy that the first product we tried worked perfectly. And he's happy that it's his and not his mom's.

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A lot of factors come into play to stay healthy. Many which we don’t think about. Anything you put on your skin or breathe in affects your well being. It is very important to make sure whatever you’re using is affecting your health in a positive way. 

How can we improve our environment?

The 38 Bach Flowers are separated into 7 emotional groups. Fear, loneliness, uncertainty, lack of interest in present circumstances, over-sensitive to influence and ideas, despondency or despair and for over-care for the welfare of others. 

What are the 7 emotional groups Bach Flowers can help?

Bach Flowers are healing essences made from the flowering part of a flower or tree according to Dr. Bach. Bach Flower Remedies are used to balance negative mental states and emotions. There are 38 remedies and each remedy treats a specific negative emotional state by encouraging the corresponding positive quality that lies dormant within us. 

What are Bach Flowers?

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I know how important it is to protect your health and well being, and that’s why I evaluate your situation and suggest simple changes.  When you work with me, you get the support you need to feel safe and supported. 

I’ve been there overweight, stressed and grumpy.

You want to live a healthier, happier life but you don’t know where to start?

Decide on the steps to take to get there. You’ll love the shift of energy and the peace of mind you will experience. Knowing you can trust in yourself and what you allow into your life lets you relax and take away the worries that dragged you down. 

My clients and team members always tell me the experience with me changed their life. 

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